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The Center For Human Performance:

Our goal is to open Centers for Human Performance across the United States, free to Military Service Members and First Responders, that provide services including: Neurofeedback, Ice Bath and IR Sauna therapy, Sensory Deprivation, Vibro-Acoustic therapy and lectures and courses on human performance. It is imperative that these men and woman have more than just traditional counseling available to them. In many circumstances they are afraid to come forward and ask for help for fear of a stigma associated with the help, or for fear of losing their jobs due to the nature of what they might have going on psychologically. These resources can fill that gap and give them the chance that they need to heal.

These resources are not just for therapy. They can enhance any individuals ability to perform both physically and psychologically. If you feel that you are not performing at your peak a Center for Human Performance might just be the boost you need.

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