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David L. Black, Ph.D. earned his undergraduate degree from

Loyola College/University in Baltimore and doctorate degree in Forensic Toxicology

from the University of Maryland at Baltimore (1982). He is a retired Fellow of the

American Board of Forensic Toxicology (F-ABFT) and American Institute of Chemists

(FAIC). He joined Vanderbilt University in 1986 as Assistant Professor in Pathology and

Pharmacology and is currently holds appointments in Pharmacology, Pathology,

Microbiology and Immunology. In 1990 he founded Aegis Sciences Corporation where

he served as Chairman and CEO until October of 2016. He has served as Program

Administrator for substance abuse programs for NASCAR, IndyCar, WWE and as a

consultant to MLBPA and NFL/NFLPA. He has also served as a consultant to major

corporations for development of substance abuse prevention programs. He has testified

in local, state, national and international courts as an expert witness regarding substance

abuse, performance enhancing drug use, civil/product fraud, and forensic medical-legal

cases. He is author of many peer reviewed published scientific papers. He is also

President of Ebon-Falcon, LLC a commercial real estate firm. Dr. Black served in the

U.S. Marine Corps (1966-70) and in combat in Vietnam (1968-69) and is a Disabled

American Veteran. Personal interests include church, Rotary International, Guatemala

Medical/Dental/Vision Mission Trips. He lives in Gallatin, TN with his wife former US

Congressman Diane Black (TN 6 th District) and they have three children and six


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