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Brandon D. Davis is the founder of The Davis Focus Project, a Non-Profit for Human Performance. While serving in the Army, Brandon was the Distinguished Honor Graduate of his flight school class and went on to become a Black Hawk instructor pilot in the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.


Retiring from the military this year, Brandon is the owner of Adrenaline Luxury Rentals, the largest luxury and exotic rental car company in Tennessee, and prior owner and creator of Freedom Flyers Academy in Hopkinsville, KY. Brandon formed The Davis Focus Project after surviving a 3-year deep depression. During this time of hardship, he studied psychology and human performance to devise a plan to recover and regain his resiliency.


Realizing how powerful these scientifically proven modalities were in aiding his own recovery, Brandon was inspired to create a Non-Profit to help others in their path to recovery and maximizing human performance. Brandon's primary focus is The Davis Focus Project, but his long-term ambition is to create The Endocrine Corporation, an umbrella to his future Non-Profit ventures.


Brandon is a man of faith and dedicated to serving the community. He prides himself in being direct, honest, efficient and a man of his word. Brandon lives in Nashville, TN with his wife, Chelsea, and his two daughters, Carson and Brittany.

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Brandon Davis


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